Submitting Your Manuscript

Once you have created an account on Manuscript Central and logged in, go to the Author Dashboard. To submit a new manuscript, click on the link on the righthand side, and follow the directions.

Type, Title, & Abstract

We are in the process of working with both ACM and Manuscript Central to change the Manuscript Type options. For now, unless your manuscript is a survey paper, please select “Long Paper” as your manuscript type.

Enter the full title of your paper, and the short title as the Running Head. Please limit your abstract to 200 words.


Please use the ACM Categories and Subject Descriptors that you chose for your paper as your Keywords

Authors & Institutions

Your information will be added automatically. Please enter any co-authors that are on the manuscript and their information.


If you are aware of someone who has expertise in the same area as your submission, who is not affiliated with the paper, please indicate such persons here.

Details & Comments

As noted above, your submission must include a cover letter. This should explain whether the material in your manuscript has appeared anywhere else. If it has been published elsewhere, please indicate where it appeared, and how this submission differs from the previously published version.

You must also read the ACM Plagiarism Policy

File Upload

Manuscript Central is designed to take the files necessary to build your submission and create the PDF for you. While it is possible to simply submit the PDF copy as your main document, if you submit the pieces it will save you trouble in the long run.

1. You will see the option to upload three files, as well as a file type designation.
a. The first file should be your main file, and the designation should be “Main Document”.
b. The second file should be a .zip file of the supplementary documents. In LaTeX this would be all the other files needed to create your document, including your bibliography and any style files. The designation should either be “Supplementary File” if you are using Microsoft Word, or “TeX/LaTeX Suppl File” if you are using LaTeX.
c. The third file should be a .zip file of any figures that appear in your document, and the designation should be the same as your supplementary files. PLEASE NOTE that if you reference the figures in your document as being in a separate folder (e.g., figs/myfigure.eps), Manuscript Central will mark the figure as missing. This is because Manuscript Central requires a flat namespace.

2. CHECK THE BOX that says “Unpack zip files”. If you do not check this box, Manuscript Central will tell you that you are trying to upload a restricted file type.

3. TAKE NOTE of the .zip file size limits. You may only have 20 individual files in one .zip file. Additionally, when you are uploading the files, the type of connection you have is going to make
a difference. If you are having trouble, try splitting your .zip files into multiple smaller .zip files.

4. Be patient. Uploading the files takes some time. This does not necessarily mean that it isn’t working.

5. When the file upload is finished, you have the option of going through each file and making sure that it is correct and has the correct file designation.

6. All of your files should appear under the “My Files” section. If you are missing files, Manuscript Central will note this under the file that is effected.