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Author Guidelines

Before Submission

1. You must submit your paper through the ACM Manuscript Central. If you do not have an account, you will need to create one by clicking “Create Account” in the upper right-hand corner. Further help with Manuscript Central can be found on the Manuscript Central Help page.

2. Submissions should be full papers with appropriate citations. Your submission should adhere to the ACM policies on prior publication, including correct citations of your own and other prior work.

Please read ACM’s policies on these issues:
ACM policy on prior publication and simultaneous submission
ACM policy on plagiarism, including self plagiarism

3. Your submission should have ACM Categories and Subject Descriptors and as many of the 16 fixed ACM General Terms as apply. Please go to the ACM Computing Classification System for additional information. You may also supply any additional keywords and phrases you would like to be included.

4. Your submission must be formatted in either Microsoft Word or LaTeX, according to the ACM style guides

LaTeX style guide
Please note that this takes you to the general LaTeX style guide page. The correct format for TOS is the Small Standard Format (acmsmall).

Microsoft Word style guide
Please note that this is the general Microsoft Word style guide page. The correct format for TOS is the Small Standard Format.

5. Your submission MUST include a cover letter documenting where any prior version of the submitted material may have appeared and how the submission differs from the prior versions. If there is no prior version please state in the cover letter that your submission has not been published before. In either case, please also state that your submission is NOT under review elsewhere. Your submission will be returned to you if it does not include a cover letter or if any of the above points are missing.

After Acceptance

Please prepare the following to upload through your Author Center.

  1. The final pdf of your paper (compiled from your final source files) – to upload as Main Document.
  2. Zipped source files* (with bibliography) formatted according to the style file found at:, including any high resolution figures (if applicable) in .jpg, .png, .tif, or .eps format.*
  3. If you have any supplementary online-only material (i.e., text and multimedia material) for publication in the Digital Library, please provide a brief description of your material. A short “readme.txt” file will appear in the DL along with your supplementary material describing its content and whatever requirements there are for using it.

*IMPORTANT: Your zipped source files should not be unpacked!  1. Delete previous files.  2. Upload your pdf as “Main Document (PDF)” as the first file. 3. Upload your zipped files, selecting the “Source Files (for Production)” designation.  3a) If a source file exceeds 100MB, load it into a separate zip. 4) Click on PDF to view your paper, then click "Save and Continue."

Please also include:

  1. Computing Classification Systems Terms:
  2. Additional keywords and phrases

NB:  If you have material owned by a third party, you must secure permission for its use before publication can proceed. If this is the case, please carefully read the guidelines at and:

  1. Obtain written permissions from the copyright holders.
  2. Add the appropriate attributions to the figure captions in your paper (giving credit to the copyright holder).
  3. Include the source of the third-party material in the references.

All author rights forms are now filled electronically through the ACM e-Rights Transfer Application. For further information about your rights options, please visit  For questions concerning third-party material, please contact Stacey Schick, Assistant Editor, at   

Prior to publication, you will receive author proofs from the production manager.

Submitting Your Manuscript

Once you have created an account on Manuscript Central and logged in, go to the Author Dashboard. To submit a new manuscript, click on the link on the righthand side, and follow the directions.

Type, Title, & Abstract

We are in the process of working with both ACM and Manuscript Central to change the Manuscript Type options. For now, unless your manuscript is a survey paper, please select “Long Paper” as your manuscript type.

Enter the full title of your paper, and the short title as the Running Head. Please limit your abstract to 200 words.


Please use the ACM Categories and Subject Descriptors that you chose for your paper as your Keywords

Authors & Institutions

Your information will be added automatically. Please enter any co-authors that are on the manuscript and their information.


If you are aware of someone who has expertise in the same area as your submission, who is not affiliated with the paper, please indicate such persons here.

Details & Comments

As noted above, your submission must include a cover letter. This should explain whether the material in your manuscript has appeared anywhere else. If it has been published elsewhere, please indicate where it appeared, and how this submission differs from the previously published version.

You must also read the ACM Plagiarism Policy.

File Upload

While Manuscript Central is designed to take the files necessary to build your submission and create the PDF for you, most authors choose to submit PDF files because the PDF file keeps all the important format information. You do not need to submit the source files until after your paper is accepted.

You can also upload other files that you think can help the reviewers. Just make sure the order of the files is correct, i.e., the cover page should be placed before the actual paper. The system will assemble all files into a single compilation when presenting them to the reviewers.

When the file upload is finished, you have the option of going through each file and making sure that it is correct and has the correct file designation.

All of your files should appear under the “My Files” section. If you are missing files, Manuscript Central will note this under the file that is effected.

Author Gateway

Please be sure to visit the ACM Author Portal for additional important author information.

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